Sunday, September 5, 2010

What we did this week...

This week seemed to go better once our changes had been made, but I am still battling time management and trying to get a handle on that.

Here is what we did this week:

In Bible the girls memorized Psalm 34:14 and Proverbs 20:11.  

In Math, Kamryn is whizzing along, still doing 2 lessons per day.  I am going to slow her down a bit this week because I am pretty sure the review is over and she may need to spend a little bit more time on her lessons as they are becoming more challenging.  She will be doing 1 lesson per day this week.  Karsyn is coming along.  I am learning more than she is....I think.  I am learning so much about her learning style which is very different from what I am used to.  She is very visual as well as kinesthetic (God bless her).  I am spending lots of time online looking for different ways to help her.  All suggestions welcome...please :)

Language is a very fun subject around here with First Language Lessons.  Kamryn began FLL 4 on Wednesday and thanked me uncontrollably for letting her switch over.  Karsyn is trucking right along and learned about nouns, pronouns, and state of being verbs this week.  She also memorized her first poem, something she had never been required to do in school.  And because I am a psycho, I ordered the Abeka Language workbooks, just for extra re-enforcement.  We do those during the day as needed.  

Our spelling lists began getting harder this week.  Abeka is tough on spelling, but the girls welcomed the challenge and did a great job.  

In reading Kamryn is still reading Henry and Ribsy to me.  It's cute and we are enjoying it.  Karsyn is reading the 2nd grade Abeka readers aloud to me right now in addition to her Junie B.'s because I just think she needs the practice.  We will begin our read aloud time this week after lunch.  We are starting The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis.  We are HUGE Narnia fans, so we are very excited about this book.  The movie will hit theaters on December 10th so we want to be ready!!!  

Writing has been kind of squirly over here because while I am absolutely Susan Wise Bauer's biggest fan, Writing With Ease has become kind of monotonous and just not meaty enough for us.  We are moving on to Writing Strands next week.   Hopefully it will be a bit more our speed.  I am also clipping writing altogether for Karsyn because she just isn't ready.

Science has proven to remain our most favorite subject over here with lots of fun happening every time we open the book.  This week we had our scavenger hunt where we had to collect various things.  Since we live in the country, we were able to complete a good portion of the list.  Very exciting and lots of fun.  Apologia rocks, in case you didn't know :)

The girls scavenger hunting

Scavenger hunting is serious business

Butterfly with gray coloring...check!

Butterfly with orange coloring....check!


Mr. Bumblebee...check! Can you find him?

In a few weeks this entire field will be full of color with blooming wildflowers.

We have still yet to begin History, we are waiting on the books and really I don't know where I would have fit it in.  Beginning this week we are going to give 8:00am one more try.  I hate the very idea of it, but 9:00 will never work once we get our My Father's World stuff in...unless we plan to be doing school til dark.  Hope yall had a great week!!!

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