Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lets Talk Gosselin

So...you know what I want to hear.... What did everyone think of Jon and Kate plus Eight last night. Let me begin by saying that I HATE when the episodes are only 30 minutes. It drives me insane. Especially if we are moving into a new house people. I could've watched them pack all night. So how about you?? Oh and as a FYI...I see Aunt Jodi is back at it again with a video of herself bashing Kate. Makes me so sad!! Talk to me ladies...


  1. I know that I can always count on you for these posts!

    Totally agree that these episodes need to be longer than 30 minutes!

    So, here are my comments... I couldn't believe Kate was just putting stuff in boxes and suitcases for that matter. Just kind of surprised me as organized as she is. But who am I to be critical because she got the job done!

    I'm always a little disappointed when she goes off on Jon like she does. I think in recent episodes she is SO much better than early on but I felt really bad for him because he didn't use a coupon.

    Those kids get cuter every week! I love to watch them and was that not the cutest with Joel and Colin getting their shoes on!

    I still want to see the rest of the house.. especially a look at the outside. It's great that they have so much room now.

    What video are you referring to with Aunt Jodie?

  2. Im so glad you commented! I just wait to see what yall think...and its always exactly what I think. Great minds ya know!!

    I completely agree with the packing job she was doing...surprised me. As far as the coupon goes, I am sad that Jon catches it from her so much, but it does make me happy that she still has concern for being frugal.

    Collin is one of my favorites, him and Aeden so I completely agree with you and if they don't hurry up and show me the front of that house I am going to scream.

    The video I saw today was just on a gossip site called www.evilbeetgossip.film.com that I just happened to come across while I was looking for exterior pics of the house. It was Jodi and she did seem sad, but I don't know!

    Thanks for commenting, talk to you next week!!


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